Our products should not only taste fantastic but also leave a positive imprint in the world. We do so, by keeping the following elements on top of our minds:


Sustainability is a word that covers many important aspects on making the world a better place for a longer time. The word is essential for creating and maintaining a firm that can exists for several years while we help as much as we can around the world. The Sustainable Development Goals number 1, 2, 5, 8, and 12 are very close to our hearts.

In a world where lack of education, hunger and poverty are huge problems in large parts of the world, we want to contribute to economic growth specifically in the developing countries. Helping where help is most needed. This is one of the reasons why we develop products with fruits from all over the world.


All of the world can be our playground regarding taste. The world offers so many delicious fruits, herbs and vegetables. We made it out mission to use as many of them as possible. We incorporate ingredients such as lucuma, baobab, seabuckthorn or hibiscus into our beverages. We do not compromise on flavour, nutrition and quality. This way we keep our taste buds sharp while introducing new taste experiences with a nutritional edge. We invite you to"Taste the World" through our organic products.


Health is an individual matter, but to us it include consuming less refined sugar. We have taken this into our core values, which is why we do not add any refined sugar to our products - we only sweeten with fruit or coconut syrup. The sweetness level is also decreased so the many flavours from the ingredients come out more clearly in the finished products. Sensory science is our key partner to developing delicious beverages without compromising on healthy nutrition.


Organic production ensure as clean ingredients as possible. Both for the sake of our own health and not least for the environment.