Common for all our products is that they are made without added sugar, the ingredients are 100% organic and are obtained from around the world.

The worlds many wonders, should be enjoyed in as many versions as possible. Therefore, we produce a variety of foods and beverages, which all contain many delicious ingredients from around the world. To learn more about out products, we recommend that you visit our webshop where you can read more about each product.

Fruit shots

Østerberg's fruit shots as made of 100% fruit, vegetables and herbs. We have added functional ingredients, which means each shot is packed with nutrients and intense flavour.

Tea drink

Østerberg's tea drinks are produced with different herbs and teas - mint, rooibos and white tea, which all have their own beneficial effect for the body. To each tea drink is added carefully selected fruits and spices.

Soda water

Østerberg's soda waters are produced with fresh fruits, berries and flowers and have gentle bubbles.

Bottled water

Østerberg's waters are produced at Funen and comes in three variants - still water, sparkling water and sparkling water with lemon.

Natural syrup

Østerberg's natural syrup is extracted from coconut palms in the Philippines. We add our own flavours to the syrups, which can be used both in coffee, cocktails and home made soda water.