Østerberg is a family owned business. You will especially get to know Niels Østerberg and his daugther, Cathrine Østerberg.

Cathrine Østerberg (b. 1988) is the definition of a food geek. A B.Sc in Food Science and M.Sc in Gastronomy & Health from University of Copenhagen, are the basis of Østerberg's knowledge. This is both regarding nutrition and sensory, which is combined in creative product development. You can learn more about Cathrine here

Niels Østerberg (b. 1954) is according to his own statement "a travelling beverage salesman" with a background as chemical engineer. He has been in the beverage industry since 1982 and is the founder of Orana, which has grown into a small worldwide company. Therefore, Niels is often found outside of Denmark's borders up to 250 days a year. At the moment, he is working on, among other projects, starting a banana plantation in Kenya and a fruit factory in Sri Lanka.

Østerberg is of course based on many other competencies from a team of skilled employees. Mette, Jacob and Amanda are our Danish colleagues, who also play an important role in making the flavours of the world accessible.